Private nail salon French Holic opens in Kagoshima, with projector for watching videos

PUBLISHED Nov 29, 2021

Inside French Holic

French Holic, a private nail salon by appointment only, opened in Ishidanicho, Kagoshima City, on November 6.

Tsuyoshi Kawasaki, the owner, was inspired to open the salon after his wife, Aki, a nailist, asked him if nail salons could be more of a healing space like other beauty salons. She wanted her customers to have a luxurious time while visiting the salon and decided to accept only two customers a day by appointment. The salon name is derived from Aki’s favorite nail design, “French,” combined with “Holic” from her passion for it.

The salon, based on white color, is about 35 square meters in size. They have decorated the walls with artificial flowers 180 centimeters in diameter and installed a projector with a 120-inch screen projection so that clients can watch on-demand streaming videos during their treatment. It is also equipped with a Blu-ray player, so people can bring in the movies they want to watch.

Services include Hands-Only One Color (6,930 yen), Flat Rate Course (from 7,920 yen), Flat Rate Nail Art Printing (Hand Only) (8,250 yen), and Flat Rate Airbrush Art (from 9,130 yen).

Kawasaki said: “Because nailists are not like family or friends, there are things you can tell them, and there are things they can do for you. We hope you will use our services as a way to enhance your daily life.”

Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

  • The projector screen of French Holic

  • The exterior of French Holic

  • Nail art by French Holic

  • Nail art by French Holic