Long-established distillery in Kagoshima collaborates with popular game, launch exclusive shochu

PUBLISHED Dec 1, 2021

The promotional image for the collaboration

On December 1, Kagoshima’s long-established distillery, Sasshu Hamadaya, released “Sasshu Sangokushi – Zetsuei,” a new Imo Shochu made from sweet potatoes, in collaboration with the action game series “Shin Sangoku Musou (真・三國無双),” known as Dynasty Warriors outside Japan, distributed by Koei Tecmo Games.

Last April, the distillery collaborated with the historical simulation game “Sangokushi 14 (三國志14)” — or Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 — and launched exclusive Imo Shochu with the design of Sekitoba, a horse featured in the game. This time, the shochu bottle features Zetsuei, the beloved horse of one of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, in conjunction with the release of “Shin Sangoku Musou 8: Empires” scheduled for December 23.

A collaborative application of the game and shochu was released on December 1, and it is available for iOS and Android. The app will be distributed free of charge until December 14, providing players an additional insight into the game.

“The first collaborative bottle of shochu, Akatoba, was well received from the pre-order stage, and the stock ran out quickly on our online store,” said Shuro Kawano, the public relations officer of the distillery. “We believe it was a good opportunity for the gamers to get to know our shochu brand, and conversely, for our shochu fans to get to know the game. We hope that this new collaboration will further increase the number of people who become interested in the history of the Three Kingdoms.”

The price is 8,800 yen (tax not included). Sasshu Sangokushi – Zetsuei will be available on the e-commerce site Shochu.Life and at the Denbei Distillery Store. Some liquor stores across Japan will also carry the product.

  • The bottle of Imo Shochu “Sasshu Sangokushi - Zetsuei”

  • An image for the collaborative app “Shin Sangoku Musou”