Kagoshima’s Sada Shoten begins selling mustard made with black vinegar

PUBLISHED Dec 2, 2021

Honey Mustard and Soy Sauce Mustard available at Sada Shoten

In November, Sada Shoten, a select store specializing in black vinegar products in Take, Kagoshima City, started carrying Honey Mustard and Soy Sauce Mustard.

The store is at the sales office of Fukuyamasu Jozo, a vinegar brewer in Kirishima City. In addition to black vinegar, the store sells other products made with black vinegar manufactured by the brewer. The mustard items are creations of Takumi Hozono, a product developer based in Yokogawacho, Kirishima City. She develops products with the concept of “making the dining table the best playground.”

When Hozono found out that her eldest son, born eight years ago, had a severe food allergy, she decided to review their diet, starting with the selection of seasonings. She said that she wanted to improve her son’s health through everyday living without relying on medicine. In 2019, while traveling in France, Hozono visited the birthplace of mustard as a condiment and learned that the French use it in a variety of food items. Since mustard uses vinegar as its main ingredient, she came up with the idea of developing mustard products using black rice vinegar made by Fukuyamasu, thinking that it would be a seasoning that would suit Japanese food. This year, she commercialized the new mustard products.

Under the name of Takumi no Shokutaku, Hozono participates in events and runs an Instagram page for her products, which are also available at the gallery store KOSHIRAERU, which opened on October 25. Hozono added: “If I could have only 100 more meals with my family, loved ones, and other important people in my life, what kind of dinner would I want to have this evening? With this in mind, I hope to continue to create products that make each meal a little more special.”

Kusuhara, the owner of Sada Shoten, said: “We have selected products that are not available at nearby supermarkets and filled with the dedication of their makers. I hope you find them enjoyable.”

The price is 1,200 yen.

  • A dish made with mustard from Takumi no Shokutaku

  • A dish made with mustard from Takumi no Shokutaku

  • A dish made with mustard from Takumi no Shokutaku

  • The exterior of Sada Shoten

  • Inside Sada Shoten