Café Mnimi in Kagoshima offering herbal teas and baked goods made with herbs grown in Hioki

PUBLISHED Dec 6, 2021

Inside Café Mnimi

On November 26, Café Mnimi, offering herbal teas and baked goods, opened in Izumicho, Kagoshima City.

The café features white walls with a pale green accent color. Asuka Naka, the owner, chose the green color as the café serves drinks made with herbs grown in Hioki City. She says, “I wanted the color to be reminiscent of herbs and asked the designer to fine-tune the color. We call it the Mnimi color.”

The name of the café is a Greek word meaning “memory, remembrance” in floriography — the language of flowers — for rosemary. It has eight seats at the counter, four tables for two, and one table for four.

The café’s display case is lined with various baked goods, such as muffins, cookies, rosemary scones with bacon (308 yen), and spiced bread (385 yen), made by the spice-loving staff who all worked together to find the perfect ratio of spices. Hot sandwiches are available for a light meal, and the Spam & Egg Hot Sandwich with egg tartare (445 yen) is “the most recommended.”

Other items include herbal tea (550 yen) made with plenty of fresh lemongrass, cordial drink (660 yen) made with herbal syrup, and hand-drip coffee (550 yen) made with home-roasted coffee beans. Drinks, hot sandwiches, and baked goods are also available for takeout.

Naka said: “We open at eight in the morning. We hope that people who like morning activities will come and enjoy our breakfast. Our staff will welcome you with brightness and energy, and you will cherish the moment.” Naka added that the café plans to start offering boxed lunches in the near future.

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closed on Thursdays.

  • Inside Café Mnimi

  • The exterior of Café Mnimi

  • Hot sandwiches from Café Mnimi

  • Baked goods from Café Mnimi

  • Lemongrass herbal tea from Café Mnimi