Kagoshima’s illustrator holding collaborative exhibition with calligrapher at Senganen Garden

PUBLISHED Dec 9, 2021

Mamunemuko, holding her eldest daughter and welcoming visitors

On December 9, the collaborative exhibition “Kiriko” by illustrator Mamunemuko and calligrapher Shunsou Fukutoku opened at Senganen Garden in Kagoshima City.

Both artists are from Kagoshima City. Mamunemuko, well known for her illustrations of bewitching women, said: “Holding an exhibition at Senganen was one of my life goals. When it was decided, I was so surprised and happy that I cried.” Since the response to the two-artist exhibition held in Tenmonkan last January was “much more positive than expected,” she approached Fukutoku once again to make it a collaborative exhibition of illustrations and calligraphy.

The exhibition features 15 collaborative works, including some presented after the New Year. “The most difficult part was to scan the calligraphic works into the computer and then match them with the illustrations. There were times when the mood of the calligraphy and the illustration was completely different, and we had to discuss which style we should go for and what we wanted to express in the first place,” said Mamunemuko.

In addition to the collaborative works, the visitors can enjoy ones produced individually by both artists. “I would like people to see how digital illustrations and calligraphy fit into the same frame and how they interact with each other,” said Mamunemuko. “Senganen is a place where our ancestors from Kagoshima shaped history and laid the foundation for modern-day Japan. I hope visitors will enjoy the exhibition along with the view of Sakurajima, the garden, and seasonal flowers as they walk through the park.”

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. Admission is 1,500 yen for adults and 750 yen for children (including the garden and interior of the residence). The exhibition runs until January 10.