Gender equality symbol presentation held in Kagoshima, with youth opinions as key

PUBLISHED Dec 13, 2021

Symbols created from “#わたしはわたし (I am me)” conference

On December 12, a presentation of the new symbols generated from “#わたしはわたし (I am me),” a youth conference to promote gender equality in Kagoshima, was held at Maruya Gardens.

The conference, organized by Kagoshima Prefecture, held 30-person workshops in Kirishima City, Satsumasendai City, and Kagoshima City in October. There, participants exchanged opinions on gender equality, including “everyday discomfort and issues,” “the ideal Kagoshima where I want to live and work in the future,” and “small actions I can take to achieve this.” Based on the opinions expressed, Yuki Nakano, a designer living in Kagoshima City, created the graphics for promoting gender equality in Kagoshima.

Nakano wrote down each word from the participants on a piece of paper, such as “ten different colors for ten different people,” “don’t separate colors,” “obvious discomfort,” and “see what we can’t see,” and further narrowed down the words that could be made into a design. “It was difficult and frustrating to make a selection from so many keywords,” she said. “If you cram in all the elements, you end up with boring visuals. I had to figure out where to draw the line between what needed to be included and creating a design that would have an impact on and catch the attention of young people.”

Nakano added: “In the future, I hope that collaborations with other creators will take place and develop them into a variety of media and content. We can consider incorporating them into textiles for fashion shows and picture books. We have only presented four patterns this time, but there are many more possibilities.”

The presentation is available for viewing on the YouTube channel of Hataori, the company in charge of the event.