Store opens in Hioki, Kagoshima, offering side dishes, bread made from local ingredients

PUBLISHED Dec 14, 2021

The exterior of the store

A month and a half have passed since Kokonowa Bread, a store offering homemade side dishes and bread, opened in Ijuincho, Hoiki City.

The store opened on October 22. Kiyofuji Farm, established in January this year, operates it. Having previously sold packed lunches at the continuous employment support office of the NPO Wakakusa-kai, Kikuo Ikeda, a senior managing director, decided to open the store to “take on the challenge of expanding the scope of the business to include bread production and menu development.”

The store was designed by Ikeda himself, who is also an architect. The exterior and interior are finished in a wood tone to create a “relaxed atmosphere.” The store’s name, Kokonowa, means “circle of people” or “connection.” He hopes that the store will expand the circle of people, not only among the staff working at the store but also among the customers.

The ingredients used in the side dishes, bread, and buns are mainly vegetables grown in the company’s own farm and local ingredients such as fish caught in the local sea. Popular menu items include Fish Burgers (from 360 yen), Walnut Salt Buns (120 yen), Brioche Melon Buns (120 yen), White Cream Cheese Buns (160 yen), and side dishes such as Fried Chicken (from 240 yen), Fried Wild White Fish (280 yen), Pumpkin Salad (from 129 yen), and Loco Moco Rice Bowl (594 yen).

Ikeda added: “The attraction of our store is that we can offer side dishes, boxed lunches, and bread together. We will continue to develop our menu and create new products. First of all, I hope you will visit us and enjoy what we offer.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.. Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  • Roast Beef from Kokonowa Bread

  • The bakery section of Koknowa Bread

  • Shrimp and Avocado Burger from Kokonowa Bread