Satsumano Yakiniku opens in Kagoshima, where customers can enjoy yakiniku alone

PUBLISHED Jan 11, 2022

The exterior of Satsumano Yakiniku

On December 10, the yakiniku restaurant Satsumano Yakiniku opened on Shichimi Koji Street in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City. It is managed by Joint Life based in Kirishima City.

The restaurant offers a menu for single customers and provides counter-seating where they can enjoy yakiniku by themselves. The counter has six seats with a stove for each person. For groups, there are three tables for four people in the main dining area, and one table each for six people and four people in the tatami room. The store area is 75 square meters.

Beef dishes include beef tongue (1,680 yen), lean meat (1,080 yen), and ribs (1,280 yen). Pork, chicken, and a la carte dishes are also available. There are three course meals (from 3,800 yen), and some courses include Kagoshima Black Wagyu Bite-size Sushi and Satsuma Jidori Chicken Sashimi. There is also One-Person Welcome Platter (2,300 yen), which includes a drink, exclusively for customers seated at the counter.

The restaurant also offers Special Beef-Bone-Both Ramen (980 yen) prepared with homemade noodles and broth that has been “tried and tested many times,” as well as Yakiniku Bowl and Oxtail Soup Porridge. Drinks include sake, shochu, and wine sourced from all across Japan.

Manager Fumihiko Oikawa said: “We would like to propose a new style of eating yakiniku side-by-side, even as a family. We use only the finest ingredients reared or grown in the land of Satsuma. We hope that people will enjoy not only yakiniku but also a variety of other dishes.”

Opening hours: 5:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays.

  • The counter seating of Satsumano Yakiniku

  • Inside Satsumano Yakiniku

  • Dishes from Satsumano Yakiniku

  • One-Person Welcome Platter from Satsumano Yakiniku

  • Special Beef-Bone-Broth Ramen from Satsumano Yakiniku