Coffee Marché Italia in Kagoshima celebrates its 30th anniversary

PUBLISHED Jan 18, 2022

Inside Coffee Marché Italia

Coffee Marché Italia, a café and dining in Taniyamachuo, Kagoshima City, celebrated its 30th anniversary in January.

Yasuhito Furuichi, the owner and chef, opened his first restaurant, Casa Salone Italia, in 1979 in Kaseda, and his second restaurant, equipped with its own roaster and stone oven, in 1992 in Taniyama. Since then, he has opened Kaze no Oka no Fiorentina (Nishi Beppu), Hirakawa Marina Marché (Hirakawacho), and Kaseda Keiku (Kaseda, Minamisatsuma City).

Furuichi loves to travel and has visited “about half of the countries in the world.” He has developed his recipes by recreating the flavors he encountered in his travels. “I can make things I have eaten once. I have a good memory for taste,” he says.

The popular menu items include Seafood Paella (1,380 yen); Saffron Rice Casserole with Wild Prawns (1,200 yen); Loco Moco SP Plate with garlic-baked wild prawns and roasted pork (1,680 yen); and Ladies’ Set with scallop and shrimp gratin and homemade bread sandwich (1,250 yen). (All prices listed are exclusive of tax).

Other menu items include soup curry with Indian spices, club sandwiches and burgers with homemade bread, meat dishes such as steak and hamburger, pizza baked in a stone oven, and 16 types of pasta.

All bread is homemade. “It is hard to find bread without margarine, so I make it myself,” says Furuichi. He uses only domestic ingredients, including butter and wheat. There is also a section in the store where customers can buy bread.

In November 2019, Furuichi built a food truck, Thomas, which is towed by a Prius PHV. The Prius powers the refrigerator and cooking equipment in the food truck, as well as the air conditioning units in the summer. It is used for events and markets, selling burgers and sandwiches made with homemade bread. Since the number of events has decreased due to the pandemic, for the time being, they will open a stall at Casa Salone in Kaseda every Wednesday.

Looking back over the past 30 years, Furuichi said: “I have really come to love this job. The best customers are the staff who work here. The staff comes first, and the customers come second. I want to continue this business while accommodating the needs of staff members.”

Opening hours: 8:50 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

  • Inside Coffee Marché Italia

  • The exterior of Coffee Marché Italia

  • Dishes offered at Coffee Marché Italia

  • Coffee Marché Italia's Thomas the food truck

  • Coffee Marché Italia's Thomas the food truck