Computer specialty store Dospara opens in Across Plaza Yojiro – First in Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Jan 20, 2022

The exterior of Dospara Kagoshima - Across Plaza Yojiro Branch

On January 8, the computer specialist store Dospara Kagoshima – Across Plaza Yojiro Branch opened on the first floor of Across Plaza Yojiro, a shopping mall in Yojiro, Kagoshima City.

The chain currently has 27 stores nationwide, and Tokyo-based company Thirdwave operates the stores. This is the first one to open in Kagoshima, and the second in the Kyushu area, following the Hakata store in Fukuoka City. Yasuko Sakuma, the company’s public relations manager, said: “We had a strong desire to open a store in Kyushu, and when we were looking for a candidate location, we found a good one in Kagoshima. We were attracted by Kagoshima’s potential for development and the size of its trade area.”

The store area is 280 square meters. It has sections dedicated to specific types of computers for gamers, creators, and office use. “The Kagoshima store’s strength is that it is a hands-on store,” she said. In the section for mice and keyboards, customers can touch and feel the clicks and keystrokes.

There is also an area where people can experience e-sports and streaming equipment, as well as a Shanghai Donya booth that deals in “useful goods for around computers.” In addition, the store carries secondhand computers and parts needed to build one and offers purchase and repair services. “We have many staff members who are knowledgeable in e-sports and gaming,” said Sakuma.

She added: “It is only in a hands-on store that you can check the product’s usability before you decide to buy it. We want to provide a wide selection of products, prices, and services that will not disappoint our customers.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. (purchases accepted until 7:30 p.m.).

  • Inside Dospara Kagoshima - Across Plaza Yojiro Branch

  • Inside Dospara Kagoshima - Across Plaza Yojiro Branch

  • The streaming-experience section of Dospara Kagoshima - Across Plaza Yojiro Branch