B3 professional basketball team Kagoshima Rebnise issues blockchain tokens

PUBLISHED Jan 26, 2022

Image of Rebnise Token

On January 20, the Kagoshima Rebnise, a professional basketball club in the B3 League, issued and began to sell Rebnise Tokens to supporters.

Kagoshima Rebnise has partnered with blockchain-based crowdfunding platform FiNANCiE. The club, which aims to be promoted to B2 by 2022 and B1 by 2025, regards the issuance of the token as “the first step in creating a new page of history.”

By purchasing tokens, people can contribute to the club’s operations. Tokens function like points, and the price goes up and down according to the needs of the token holders. The value of the tokens may increase as the number of token holders increases. Token holders will be able to participate in polls, apply for certain events with the club, and acquire limited goods.

Yasuhiro Uehara, president of the club, said: “I think this will be a new form of fan engagement for our supporters, which will show that they have been supporting us from the beginning and motivate them to contribute to our projects. We will do our best to strengthen the club and expand our business by becoming the prime mover of Kagoshima.”