Kagoshima Sake and Shochu Makers Association holds Honkaku Shochu Fair online

PUBLISHED Feb 1, 2022

Hari – Red Amber by Sanwa Shuzo

The Kagoshima Sake and Shochu Makers Association is currently holding an “Online Event: Kagoshima Honkaku Shochu Fair” on the crowdfunding site Makuake.

The fair, which started on January 21, utilizes the online event function on the site that allows multiple projects to be featured together on a dedicated page, and eight shochu distilleries in Kagoshima Prefecture are presenting their “unique” projects.

The projects include: unblended Imo (sweet potato) shochu aged in the Amarone storage casks; rice shochu that has developed a vanilla aroma after 25 years of maturation; the first-attempt aged shochu matured in earthenware vessels by a modern distiller; and brown sugar shochu that is only authorized to be made on the Amami Islands.

Kami Shuzo’s rice shochu has already achieved 1,000% of its target amount, and all other projects have also exceeded 100%. Mr. Tanaka, the managing director of the association, said that the fair is “part of a strategic PR project.” He also added: “Each distillery has been developing its own unique products, especially for the younger generation. We hope people will enjoy shochu and drinking apparatus as well as the culture and climate of the surrounding area.”

The fair will run until March 9, 6 p.m.

  • Imo Shochu Nature and Utopia by Komaki Jozo

  • Aged and New Imo Shochu Takuto by Komasa Jozo

  • Imo Shochu Silky and a handmade pottery tumbler by Taikai Shuzo