Kagoshima’s Kujira Café offers bottled ‘Drinkable Cheesecake’ for Valentine’s Day

PUBLISHED Feb 2, 2022

Kujira Café Valentine Set

The Kujira Café in Kishaba, Kagoshima City, is now accepting pre-orders for the Kujira Café Valentine Set, which includes two bottles of “Drinkable Cheesecake.”

Drinkable Cheesecake has been the core product of the café, but it has not been suitable for long-distance transport because of the issues such as melting ice and the container. After receiving many requests from customers who wanted to take it home outside of Kagoshima City or make it a souvenir, they developed a bottled version that can be transported for a longer time. It has been on sale since January.

The Valentine set includes two kinds of bottled Drinkable Cheesecake (Bitter Chocolate and winter-only Pistachio Memories) and a palet de chocolat, gift-wrapped for the occasion. The café accepts pre-orders until February 10, and it is on sale for five days from February 10 to 14 (in-store purchase and pick-up only).

The price is 1,780 yen.

  • The previous cup and the new bottle of Drinkable Cheesecake