World Burger in Kagoshima offers burgers with flavors from around the world

PUBLISHED Feb 7, 2022

The exterior of World Burger

On January 15, World Burger, a hamburger restaurant featuring burgers themed around countries in the world, opened in Shimoishiki, Kagoshima City. Rula manages the restaurant.

Rula also runs Yakiniku Tenshin. The company buys a whole Japanese Black beef raised in Kagoshima Prefecture and serves its grilled meat. Now it uses the end meat for its burgers. “Although the meat is offcuts, it is still A5 or A4 grade, the highest grade of meat,” said Koichiro Hirayama, the restaurant manager. With many people refraining from traveling overseas due to the pandemic, they decided to open this restaurant as a place where people can enjoy flavors from all over the world.

The restaurant has a floor space of 116 square meters, decorated in a tranquil Brooklyn style. It has 70 table seats with power supplies. There is also a manga corner, and Wi-Fi is available for customers to enjoy a relaxing time.

The menu consists of 14 types of hamburgers, “expressing the flavors of the world.” The signature burger is the New York Burger (1,430 yen with fries) with 260 grams of Japanese Black beef and Kurobuta pork patties and homemade cheddar cheese. “It is three times the size of a burger at a fast-food restaurant,” says Hirayama.

The Neapolitan Burger, featuring Italy, has a pizza bun on top with special cheese and pizza sauce, while the Paris Burger, France, has a mille-feuille style cutlet “cordon bleu” with cheese and a layer of homemade quiche. The lineup of burgers, inspired by the characteristics of countries and cities, also includes Hawaiian, Shanghai, Norway, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, India, and Barcelona. Kagoshima Burger using Kagoshima’s specialties and Japan Burger are also available. Prices range from 990 yen to 1,320 yen with fries.

It also serves desserts, including Basque-style Cheesecake Terrine and Chocolate Terrine Cake (600 yen each). It is planning to offer deliveries starting in February through Demae-can and Uber Eats.

Hirayama added: “Enjoy the flavors of the world with local Kuroge Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork. There are many more ingredients that we can use to depict a country or city. We want to continue to make new burgers.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Closed on Mondays. 12 parking spaces available.

  • Inside World Burger

  • New York Burger from World Burger

  • Norway Burger from World Burger

  • Kagoshima Burger from World Burger