First Chocolate Expo in two years at Amu Plaza Kagoshima – 18 stores to participate

PUBLISHED Feb 8, 2022

Ikumimama’s Animal Donuts from Kanagawa

The “Chocolate Expo – Chocopaku” opened at Amu Plaza Kagoshima on February 8.

It is the first event in two years since the previous one had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Total 18 stores, three from Kagoshima and 15 from other prefectures, gather at Amu Square to offer chocolates and sweets. Ten stores are participating for the first time.

Pono, one of the first-timers to participate in the event, has been offering gâteau au chocolat for a year at the shared kitchen café Otonari in Shimoishiki, Kagoshima City, and is planning to open a new store in March this year after receiving favorable reviews. At the expo, it offers Intense Gâteau au Chocolat (1,680 yen), made with couverture chocolate, eggs, and fresh cream.

Other products include Ikumimama’s Animal Donuts from Kanagawa, Ishidatami Chocolat from Nagasaki, and Pouding au Chocolat from a pudding specialty store Oeuf Pudding in Osaka. Visitors will also be able to purchase various chocolate products that are “popular” or “hot on social media” from Tokyo, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Nara. From Kagoshima, Shiroyama Hotel presents Valentine’s Day Cannelés Fondants au Chocolat, and the bakery Sakimoto features Sweet Honey Chocolate Bread.

From the 11th to the 14th, the Swiss chocolate brand Lindt will set up Valentine’s Day wagon at the venue, offering four types of hot chocolate drinks (from 617 yen) for takeout. The Amu Plaza itself also offers Tunkaron from Macapresso, Chocolate Butter Sandwich from Press Butter Sand, and chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

The event is open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., until the 14th of this month.

  • Three types of Pouding au Chocolat from Oeuf Pudding in Osaka

  • Maboroshi no Cheesecake from Criollo in Tokyo

  • Special Gâteau au Chocolat from Ken’s Café in Tokyo

  • Nagasaki Ishidatami Chocolat from Neo Classic Clover in Nagasaki