Kagoshima’s cat advocacy organization Kagoneko launches new cat merchandise

PUBLISHED Feb 22, 2022

Kagoneko’s staff and new cat goods

On February 22, Kagoneko, an organization that helps community cats in Kagoshima, added new cat products to its online store.

The organization is led by Nao Hamasaki, director of the veterinary hospital Ruoona Pet Clinic, and her staff. Aiming to achieve “zero kill,” the organization is engaged in TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs, fostering, and providing support for animal-hoarding issues. They started their activities in February last year and have set up a website, social media pages, and an online store.

As February 22 is known as Cat Day in Japan, they added 11 new items to the online store. The lineup includes tote and lunch bags with the organization’s logo and illustrations, as well as sacoche bags, eco-bags, aprons, and mugs with a caricature of Komikan, a cat recused in Sakurajima and now serving as the Director-General of the organization. They also offer document folders, notepads, and postcards with illustrations explaining TNR in an American comic book style. Prices start from 350 yen for small items and 2,000 yen for bags.

Local companies contributed to the production of the merchandise. Shimayui Label, a manufacturer and distributor of Agodashi, or flying fish soup stock, on Yakushima Island, collaborated to launch the “Agodashi furikake” for cats, including the package design. Sakai, a clothing manufacturer, covered part of the cost of printing, and Kedanano Pharmacy produced its decaffeinated coffee brand, Neko Coffee, and will donate some of the profits to Kagoneko.

The proceeds will be used to pay for the spaying and neutering of stray cats and cats rescued from animal hoarding, as well as food, litter, and other supplies. Director Hamasaki said: “There is a limit to what an individual can do to continue animal protection activities, and there are people who want to foster cats but can’t for various reasons. I hope that such people will participate in animal protection support by purchasing Kagoneko goods.”

Last year, the organization re-homed 74 cats, and many of them were adopted by people who became followers on Instagram. “People may have found us through hashtags such as ‘rescue cats’ and ‘adoption.’ We will continue to increase our followers,” she added.

  • New products for the Kagoneko online store

  • Agodashi Furikake for cats sponsored by Shimayui Label

  • Kagoneko’s Director-General Komikan and the newly created sacoche bags

  • A water bottle featuring Sakurajima's sightseeing spots and cats