Two Korean stores open at Amu Plaza Kagoshima, offering Korean celebrity items and food

PUBLISHED Mar 8, 2022

Inside OZ Hanryu Shop

On February 18, OZ Hanryu Shop, a select store of Korean zakka items, and SEOUL MARKET, a store offering Korean food products, opened on the second floor of the main building of Amu Plaza Kagoshima.

The stores opened in the SHIBUYA109 area of the same building. The complex has previously hosted Korean pop-up stores for limited periods, but this is the first time it has housed permanent stores specializing in Korean products. The area of each store is approximately 66 square meters.

Oz offers a variety of zakka items, including document folders, postcards, calendars, key chains, photo books, and saeng-il cup holders with images of Hallyu stars. SEOUL MARKET carries Korean snacks, instant foods such as noodles, beverages, hand-drip coffee and figurines featuring the K-pop band BTS, magazines highlighting Korean celebrities, and more.

“We hope to capture the demand of the younger generation (Generation Z) and other trend-sensitive generations to boost the sales,” said Chihiro Honda, Amu Plaza PR manager. She added: “Both stores have popular products as well as items for enthusiasts. At Oz, we hope people will find something that makes them swoon. At Soul Market, we want to offer products that will enhance everyone’s time at home, regardless of generation.”

Current opening hours of Amu Plaza Kagoshima: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

  • Hallyu star items from OZ Hanryu Shop

  • Hallyu star photo books from OZ Hanryu Shop

  • The entrance of SEOUL MARKET


  • Products from SEOUL MARKET