Café & Bar Sora in Kagoshima focuses on set lunches and cocktails

PUBLISHED Mar 9, 2022

The exterior of Café & Bar Sora

Six months have passed since Café & Bar Sora opened in Daimyogaoka, Kagoshima City. It operates as a café serving lunch during the day and as a bar at night.

Its opening was last August. The café-bar, run by Kiyomi Mizunoura, stands out for its triangular roof. An acquaintance of hers used to run the business, and when they decided to close it, they looked for someone to take over. “I liked the atmosphere of the place, so I reached out to them,” she said. Of several people who proposed to take over the business, they chose Mizunoura. She is a self-taught cook, and this is her first time managing a food business.

The interior of the café-bar retains the “relaxed atmosphere” of the previous restaurant. It has two tables, three seats at the counter by the window, and six seats by the kitchen. The name, Sora, represents an open blue sky.

At lunchtime, the café offers lunch sets, including Hamburger Steak Lunch (1,000 yen), Karaage Lunch (1,000 yen), and Tonkatsu Lunch (1,200 yen), each served with a salad, side dishes, and soup. During the daytime café hours, it offers coffee, cappuccino, parfaits (700 yen), Sora Sweets (mini pancakes) (350 yen), and Sora’s Dessert of the Day (waffles) (500 yen), to name a few. They are also available for takeout.

In the evening, cocktails are available, and the lineup includes China Blue and Malibu Surf, as well as non-alcoholic cocktails made with seasonal fruits.

Mizunoura says: “I hope this café-bar will become a place where everyone can connect with each other, just as vast sky connects each and every soul out there. We want to welcome people from all walks of life, not just locals.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. – midnight. Closed on Mondays.

  • Hamburg Steak Lunch from Café & Bar Sora

  • Karaage Lunch from Café & Bar Sora

  • Parfait from Café & Bar Sora

  • Waffles from Café & Bar Sora