Western-style restaurant opens in OPSIA Misumi, Kagoshima – Featuring three-day-cooked sauce

PUBLISHED Mar 10, 2022

Usuki Yoshoku Daimon EXPRESS

On March 1, Usuki Yoshoku Daimon EXPRESS opened in the first-floor food court of the OPSIA Misumi commercial center in Usuki, Kagoshima City. Menya Aburaya, known for its Gyukotsu Baitan, or beef paitan, Ramen manages the restaurant.

This is the second branch of “Yoshoku Daimon,” following the one that opened in Hirakawacho last October. The Usuki branch, which opened as a “more casual restaurant with a shorter wait time,” has retained the same characteristics of the main restaurant’s signature dishes, including a demi-glace sauce made by simmering Aburaya’s beef bone broth and various vegetables for three days, and hamburgers made fluffy by kneading beef bone broth into the meat. Chef Motoyama of the Hirakawa branch visits the restaurant regularly to check the taste.

The menu includes Daimon Demi-glace Hamburger Steak (800 yen), Daimon Teriyaki Burger Bowl (950 yen), Hamburger Steak with Pasta Napolitana (1,300 yen), Demi-glace Omelet Rice (900 yen), Fried Daimon Shrimp (900 yen), and Daimon Steak (from 1,150 yen for 150 grams), cooked at low temperature “to make it tender.”

For dessert, Daimon Pudding (300 yen) is available. Except for steaks, other dishes are available for takeout.The restaurant also offers breakfast from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., including Buttered Toast Set and Daimon Burger Set.

Manager Fukuyoshi says, “We prepare everything we can by ourselves, including the sauces and dressing. We hope people will drop in while they are out shopping.”.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

  • Daimon Demi-glace Hamburger Steak from Usuki Yoshoku Daimon EXPRESS

  • Daimon Teriyaki Burger Bowl from Usuki Yoshoku Daimon EXPRESS

  • Demi-glace Omelet Rice from Usuki Yoshoku Daimon EXPRESS

  • Stirring demi-glace sauce every few minutes