Free magazine introducing Kagoshima illustrators publishes latest issue, 17 included

PUBLISHED Mar 15, 2022

Kagoshima Illustrators File, the 2022 issue

On March 5, the 2022 issue of “Kagoshima Illustrators File,” a free publication introducing the works and examples of projects by Kagoshima-based illustrators, went out for distribution.

The magazine started in 2010. It is published once a year, and this year’s issue is the 13th. Illustrator Seiji Takezoe from Satsuma Town serves as the publisher and edits and designs the magazine. This latest issue features 17 illustrators, more than in previous issues. “I am glad to see that the number of young illustrators is increasing in Kagoshima,” says Takezoe.

The illustrators introduced in the issue include Jorijokoppy, Moppara, Mamunemuko, Naomi, Tsubasa Yoshisako, CHINATSU, Miki Shimizu, Nozomi Koto, Yoko Maeda, Peke Peke, KIRI WORKS, Hikari Shiba, Seina Ichikawa, Sakuramochi, Noriko Tsuruta, Tsubasa Saeki, and Seiji Takezoe.

On March 5, the seminar to commemorate the publication was held at the business incubation center Mark MEIZAN in Meizancho, Kagoshima City. They invited Yoshio Miyashita, a designer from Hamamatsu, and other directors and designers from Kagoshima to explore the possibilities of illustration in regional and local business and the creative challenges in the region.

Takezoe said: “Especially for regional projects, it is important to organize a team for each project and collaborate with others. Because the scale of projects and budgets are smaller than in the metropolitan areas, it will be important for designers, copywriters, illustrators, and others, including the clients themselves, to work together. They all need to engage in projects proactively while taking advantage of each individual’s areas of expertise. We hope that this magazine will help match illustrators with the right style for the right job.”

The magazine is currently on display and distributed at the first-floor entrance of Mark Meizan. The portfolios of the illustrators featured in the magazine are available for viewing. The video of the seminar held to commemorate the publication is also screened. The installation is open until March 19. The magazine is also distributed free of charge at cafés, coworking spaces, and galleries in the prefecture.

  • The installation at Mark Meizan

  • Portfolios on display