Korean café Sulbing opens at Amu Plaza Kagoshima, offering traditional desserts with modern twist

PUBLISHED Mar 22, 2022

The exterior of Sulbing

On March 11, Sulbing, a café featuring Korean desserts, opened on the seventh floor of Amu Plaza Kagoshima Premium in Kagoshima City.

The chain operates approximately 500 cafés in South Korea. It had opened six outlets in Japan but closed them in January 2020 due to the bankruptcy of the then Japanese management company. Aiming to reenter the market, the company opened the Shin-Okubo flagship branch in Tokyo on February 28. The Amu Plaza Kagoshima outlet is its second branch.

The café has a floor space of 115 square meters and seats 48 at tables. It offers traditional Korean desserts made with rice cakes, kinako (soybean flour), red beans, and other ingredients, adapted to modern tastes. The milk shaved ice lineup includes Fresh Strawberry Sulbing (1,500 yen) topped with sweet red bean paste, strawberries, and stuffed soft rice cake; Kinako Sulbing (950 yen) with soybean flour and kinako rice cake; and Mint Chocolate Sulbing (1,400 yen) with chocolate sauce, cocoa powder, chocolate slices, chocolate mint ice cream, and Oreo cookies.

Other items available include Kinako Mochi Toast (780 yen), kinako mochi rice cake sandwiched between toast and topped with kinako, almond slices, and honey; and Kinako Mochi Kuroffle (850 yen), prepared with croissant dough cooked in a waffle maker.

Current opening hours (Amu Plaza Kagoshima Premium): 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

  • Inside Sulbing

  • The counter area of Sulbing

  • Premium Fresh Strawberry Sulbing

  • Apple Mango Cheese Sulbing

  • Mint Chocolate Sulbing