Meat festival at Kagoshima City Central Park: 18 restaurants to offer special dishes

PUBLISHED Mar 25, 2022

Last year's event

On April 2 and 3, an event entitled “Niku Gatsudo (肉月灯)” will take place at Kagoshima City Central Park, where meat restaurants from all over the prefecture will gather.

The event, “Meat Collective = Niku Gatsudo,” is based on the concept of “eating and enjoying meat in Kagoshima, the home of livestock farming.” It brings together restaurants featuring Kagoshima’s local meat products, such as Japanese Black beef, Kurobuta pork, Black Satsuma chicken, and Satsuma Jidori chicken. This year, 18 stalls will participate in the event, offering event-specific dishes. It was scheduled at the end of February but postponed since the area was under governmental preventive measures to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

Examples of dishes include Wagyu Beef with Scallion and Homemade Salt Sauce, Belly Pork Rice Burger, Charcoal Grilled Black Beef & Kurobuta Pork Hamburg Steak Bowl, and Wagyu Ragout Pasta and Cheese Sticks, to name a few.

There will be stage performances at the venue, including a live performance by a special guest, JP, an impressionist, a Japanese drum performance, and a performance by a local dance team.

The event will run from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Free admission.

  • Stalls from last year’s event

  • The venue last year