Meat restaurant Niku to Udon opens in Kagoshima, bringing out best of each part

PUBLISHED Mar 30, 2022

Meat Sushi from Niku to Udon

One month has passed since Niku to Udon, a meat restaurant specializing in innovative dishes, opened on Bunka Dori in Temmonkan, Kagoshima City.

The restaurant opened its doors on February 17. It is managed by 1129 LTD., a company that operates 1129nikulabo, a mail-order company specializing in Japanese Black beef from Kagoshima Prefecture, and Niku to Pan, a hamburger and sandwich shop. “We have been pursuing the ideal ways to serve our beef by researching the cutting methods and seasoning compatibility for each part of the beef,” says Keita Ootonari, the president. “We opened the new restaurant to offer unique and original dishes that can only be found here, prepared in a way that matches the specific part of the beef.”

Menu items, making the most of the beef parts, include Tsurami Ponzu (700 yen), featuring sliced and seared beef cheek; Yodare Kappa (1,150 yen), an arrangement of thin red meat between the skin and fat; and Wagyu Tail Slices with Peppers (600 yen).

It also offers a lineup of dishes such as Kurobuta Pork and Black Beef Dumplings (650 yen) and Wagyu Round Steak (1,680 yen), as well as rice and noodle dishes such as Meat Sirloin Rolls (2,400 yen), Meat Sushi (1,200 yen for two pieces), five kinds of Niku Udon, and Beef Yakisoba. The restaurant has three tables and six seats at the counter, a total of 20 seats.

Ootonari says: “The once-every-five-year Wagyu Olympics will be held in Kagoshima this October, which draws attention from all over the country. We hope to make the restaurant attractive to cattle farmers coming from across Japan.”

Opening hours: 6:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.

  • The exterior of Niku to Udon

  • Inside Niku to Udon

  • Yodare Kappa from Niku to Udon

  • Tsurami Ponzu from Niku to Udon