Botan Festival at Kagoshima Kenko-no-Mori Park, blooming late, expected full mid-week

PUBLISHED Apr 11, 2022

“Higure” in bloom with large flowers

The “Botan Festival” is currently open at Kagoshima Kenko-no-Mori Park where visitors can enjoy various “Botan,” or peonies.

The festival takes place every April at the Botan Garden in the park, and this year marks the seventh event. Ninety-three varieties of peony, with approximately 550 plants, come into full bloom. Currently, “Hinotsubasa,” “Fusotsubasa, “Tamafuyo, “Taiyo,” and other varieties are displaying large red, white and pink flowers.

As of the end of last week, many of them were in the bud stage. The garden manager said: “The peonies are blooming late this year. The rain we had this week has made it uncertain, but they should start opening around the middle of this week.”

The park celebrated its 30th anniversary this April. Various hands-on events are available throughout the year, and in May, it plans to hold a tour of the medicinal plant garden (May 5), a workshop on how to make a container garden that can last until early summer (May 23), and a lecture on park golf for beginners (May 29), all of which require advance registration.

The festival will run through April 17.

  • Peony “Hinotsukasa” in bloom - Botan Festival in Kagoshima

  • eony “Taiyo” in bloom - Botan Festival in Kagoshima