Members-only coworking space with café opens in Gofukumachi, Kagoshima City

PUBLISHED Apr 12, 2022

The exterior of the facility

On April 11, the coworking space “HITTOBE powered by The Company” and the annex café “_1Tree Coffee” opened in Gofukumachi, Kagoshima City.

Kagoshima Bank played a central role in the planning of the facility and provided the location. PBOOKMARK in Kirishima City, which runs three _1Tree Coffee shops in Kagoshima Prefecture, manages the café. Zero-TenPark based in Fukuoka City, which operates The Company, supports the coworking space area, and GMO Pepabo in Tokyo provides digital services.

The floor space of the facility is approximately 245 square meters. The coworking area has ten 2-person tables, three 4-person tables, and five counter seats, along with 6 intensive booths (one of which is a sound-absorbing booth) and a relaxation zone with four Yogibo bean bag chairs, 48 seats in total. There are two conference rooms for six people, equipped with large monitors, webcams, and speakers.

Membership is available for individuals for 11,000 yen per month, businesses for 29,700 yen per month (up to 3 people within the same organization), and walk-ins for 550 yen per hour or 1,100 yen per day. Members can also receive support from HITTOBE staff in creating a business plan, as well as free initial fees for services provided by GMO Pepabo, such as website, web server, and e-commerce site creation.

The _1Tree Coffee’s café area is open to the public and has seats for 10-12 at low tables and six at the counter. The drink menu includes Drip Coffee (from 310 yen), Caramel Macchiato (from 440 yen), and others. Desserts such as pancakes (500 yen), waffles (500 yen), cheesecakes (550 yen), and Mille crêpes (550 yen) are also available. In the evening, alcoholic beverages are served.

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – midnight.

  • Coworking area of HITTOBE powered by The Company

  • Relaxation zone of HITTOBE powered by The Company

  • Inside _1Tree Coffee Tenmonkan branch