Kagoshima illustrator call for participation in illustrating personification of local liquor

PUBLISHED Apr 18, 2022

The fan art created by Mamunemuko

Kagoshima illustrator Mamunemuko is currently calling for participation in the “#Personification of Kagoshima Liquor Fan Art.”

The project visualizes the taste and image of Kagoshima’s alcoholic beverages in the form of human figure illustrations. Having often been asked which Kagoshima shochu to choose by acquaintances and fans outside the prefecture, Mamunemuko came up with the idea of personifying liquor, hoping that it would be helpful for people to understand the taste and feel of Kagoshima shochu if they could see it as a character. As she wanted to coordinate the colors and elements of the character with the bottle label design, she invited distilleries and breweries willing to support the idea on social media. Shuro Kawano, the public relations manager at Hamada Shuzo, showed his interest, and the exchange of ideas began.

Since Mamunemuko excels at illustrating elegant women, Kawano recommended the shochu-based craft gin Juju, which is popular among women, as a subject for the project. She first interviewed female employees of Hamada Shuzo to get a better idea of the characters she wanted to depict. She then created two illustrations and posted them on her Twitter account with the hashtag #Personification of Kagoshima Liquor Fan Art (#鹿児島のお酒擬人化ファンアート). The company retweeted her posts, thereby setting the example of officially endorsing the art.

Mamunemuko started promoting the project on social media on April 11, hoping to spread it to other distilleries, breweries, illustrators, and people who like to draw in the prefecture. She said: “It doesn’t have to be limited to shochu, it can be any kind of alcoholic drink. Even if it is the same brand or product, different people draw different characters, and that is the beauty of fan art. We hope that people will enjoy drawing characters that can be appreciated by parents and children alike, while adhering to certain rules of expression.” She also hopes that the project will lead to a joint exhibition of fan art in the future.

To participate, creators of illustrations need to post their work on Twitter or Instagram, specifying the brand of the liquor that served as the subject and adding the tag “#鹿児島のお酒擬人化ファンアート.” The distilleries and breweries are invited to retweet or share the works posted with the above hashtag.

  • The artist establishing the image of the red label character

  • The artist establishing the image of the green label character