Baby photo exhibition to open in Kagoshima, conveying joy of printing, displaying

PUBLISHED Apr 19, 2022

A newborn photo taken by Miho Uesono

Miho Uesono, a photographer specializing in babies in Kagoshima, will hold the “Baby Photography Exhibition – My Child is the Best” at the gallery Art Space & Store Haru from April 22 to 24.

Uesono has worked as a care worker but has always dreamed of working with children. On the eve of turning 30, she decided to study photography at Mama Photographer Academy and also obtained certification as a baby massage instructor. In 2017, she established the studio Miracle and currently offers baby massage lessons with photos, on-site photoshoots, and courses to improve photography skills.

This is her first photography exhibition. She will exhibit approximately 30 baby photos taken in a “soft and gentle atmosphere,” printed in A4 to A2 size. Uesono believes that although it is nice to be able to view photos taken with a smartphone at any time, it is a pity that they are only on a small screen. She deliberately chose larger print sizes to show the joy of making prints and displaying them.

In addition to Uesono’s photographic works, 2L-size photos taken by her Instagram followers under the theme of “My Child is the Best” are on display. There will also be a self-photo booth where visitors can take photos of their babies.

Uesono added: “It was not easy for me to take the plunge, but when you express your passion for what you want to do, there are people who will support you. I hope this exhibition will be an opportunity to encourage someone to take on a new endeavor.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Free admission.