Baked goods store opens in Kagoshima, offering ‘Healthy for the Body’ products

PUBLISHED Apr 25, 2022

Baked goods and strawberry sandwiches from Oyatsuya Sun Simai

On April 23, Oyatsuya Sun Simai, a takeout store specializing in baked goods, opened in Tagami, Kagoshima City.

Momoe Tashiro, the owner, used to run Café Ozunu in Chuocho before closing it when she had a baby. As she had always wanted to start a new business after settling down, she decided to renovate a part of her house and open a store under a new name.

The three Tashiro sisters grew up enjoying their mother’s homemade treats. They worked together to open the store: the eldest sister was in charge of designing promotional materials, while the middle sister used her qualifications as a registered dietitian to provide advice on recipes. Momoe, the youngest, is responsible for baking treats and creating recipes. They chose the store name to express the close relationship between the three sisters and their wish to make people feel as cheerful as the sun when they eat their treats.

The store offers a daily lineup of treats that were popular at Café Ozunu. The baked goods include scones, muffins, and cookies, to name a few. The Shio Koji (salted rice malt) scone line includes pistachio, caramel nut, rum raisin, red bean paste, and yuzu peel (starting at 150 yen). Whole wheat scones are available in black sesame & sweet potato, fig, coffee chocolate, and brown sugar & walnut. For cakes, it offers Victoria Sponge and Gâteau au Chocolat as well as the cheesecake range, including rich green tea, hojicha, and strawberry (from 300 yen).

The store concept is “Healthy for the Body.” Tashiro uses brown sugar and cane sugar and chooses ingredients that are domestically produced and free of agricultural chemicals. The store also added new items such as treats made with koji and gluten-free products made with rice flour. Tashiro says, “We want to offer safe products for children and hope to spread a lot of happiness from our small store.”

Opening hours: From noon (until sold out). Business days are announced on social media. In April, the store will be open on the 26th and 29th. Three parking spaces are available.

  • The exterior of Oyatsuya Sun Simai

  • Strawberry sandwiches from Oyatsuya Sun Simai

  • Lemon cake from Oyatsuya Sun Simai

  • Granola from Oyatsuya Sun Simai