Kagoshima IT company launches meat subscription service, delivers brand-name meat

PUBLISHED Apr 26, 2022

An example of “Nikutabi” products

In April, Kagoshima-based IT company Kyushu Densan launched “Nikutabi (Meat Journey),” a subscription service that delivers brand-name meat from across Japan. Subscribers will receive the product on the 29th of each month.

The company notes that it has provided its system to more than 60 butcher shops nationwide for over 20 years. Last June, it launched the “Meat x Meet,” subscription service to deliver brand-name meat from all over Japan to consumers who have been unable to travel and dine out due to the pandemic. The company renamed and relaunched the service with a new logo design and website.

Based on the concept “regular meat delivery service,” it offers brand-name meat sourced directly from producers at wholesale prices every month. For May, it plans to deliver a set of Murakami Beef from Niigata Prefecture, including rump and ball tips for bite-sized steaks (200 grams each) and top sirloin caps and knuckles for yakiniku (200 grams each). The order deadline is May 8, with delivery on May 29.

The service has no restrictions on the number of purchases. The subscription can be canceled anytime and offers a “skip” option that allows customers to suspend purchases for any month they wish. The monthly fee is 11,858 yen. As part of the relaunch, new members will receive 200-gram Murakami Beef round tips for yakiniku as a gift (until May 8).

The company representative says: “Just as the taste of vegetables differs depending on where they are grown, the taste of meat also differs. We hope that people will enjoy the unique characteristics of the meat, which vary from region to region, with the way each producer raises their animals and the climate.”