Sake Bar Sakelist in Tenmonkan Kagoshima Yokocho offers 20 kinds of sake

PUBLISHED Apr 27, 2022

Sake from Sakelist Kagoshima

One month has passed since the Sakelist Kagoshima branch opened on the second floor of Tenmonkan Kagoshima Yokocho.

The bar opened on March 16. It is a sister brand of 29ON (Nikuon), a members-only restaurant specializing in low-temperature cooking, which opened on the third floor of the same building on March 29. The bar offers approximately 20 types of sake, including ones developed by 29ON and selected items.

29ON proposes sake to pair with meat dishes. The restaurant has also developed an original sake, Meat Lovers Only, recognizing that “a combination of meat and sake brings out the best of both.”

The restaurant on the third floor is members-only, but customers of Kagoshima Yokocho can order from a single glass of sake at Sakelist on the second floor. Beer and highballs are also available, and the fruit shochu highballs are popular among women.

The bar offers a subscription plan, Sakelist Membership, which allows members to enjoy a self-service sake buffet (3,300 yen), and beer and highballs become up to half-price. Membership fees are 3,000 yen for six months and 6,000 yen for one year. A 550-yen-monthly-plan is also available, which customers can join at the bar.

Opening hours: 5:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.