13 Kagoshima illustrators hold exhibition to support restaurants, bars

PUBLISHED May 2, 2022

Works by Kyo Kariya at the exhibition

On April 29, a collaborative exhibition of thirteen Kagoshima-based illustrators, restaurants, and bars entitled “The Artists’ Recommendation! This Item from That Place” began at the shop and gallery SOMETHING in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.

The exhibition features illustrations of dishes from restaurants and bars that the illustrators would like to recommend, and booklets of artworks with information on the establishments will be distributed free of charge. Illustrator Kyo Kariya planned the event. He explained that after noticing that places where he used to enjoy drinks with friends and have good lunches had disappeared during the pandemic, he wondered if he could do something to help them with illustrations.

When Kariya posted his idea on social media, many illustrators responded, and he decided to make it a reality. He said: “I approached the potential exhibitors with the notion that they might say no to this project because of the heavy cost burden it would involve.” However, everyone agreed to the project and provided support for the booklet editing and writing process. Illustration production, including composition and coloring, was left to individual characteristics and preferences of each illustrator.

Kariya hopes that visitors will enjoy exploring the restaurants and bars with the booklet in hand. “If we hold collaborative events like this one everywhere, it will have a positive effect on all the galleries, artists, and businesses involved,” he added.

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Admission is 200 yen. Booklets will be distributed until they run out. The exhibition will run until May 8.

  • The booklet of “The Artists’ Recommendation! This Item from That Place”

  • The exhibition “The Artists’ Recommendation! This Item from That Place”

  • Page examples of the booklet