Kagoshima’s first PRESS BUTTER SAND outlet opens in Amu Plaza Kagoshima

PUBLISHED May 9, 2022

PRESS BUTTER SAND - Amu Plaza Kagoshima branch

On April 15, a new PRESS BUTTER SAND store opened on the second floor of the Amu Plaza Kagoshima main building. Tokyo-based company BAKE manages the store.

PRESS BUTTER SAND is the company’s souvenir sweets brand. It has been sold only at chocolate expositions and other events, but as it has gained popularity, the company has decided to open retail outlets. The Amu Plaza branch is the first store to open in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The staple product is Butter Sand (from 1,026 yen for a pack of five), buttercream and butter caramel sandwiched between cookies. The cookies are made one by one with a unique pressing machine using the sandwiched baking technique of Japanese confectionery.

On May 1, the company launched the Summer Gift Collection, gift sets featuring assortments of butter sandwiches and new products. New items include Milk Pudding – Lemon made with Setouchi lemons and lemon butter caramel, Butter Ice Cream – Caramel with caramel kneaded into butter ice cream, Press Butter Cookies, and Butter Sablé – Caramel.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

  • Butter Sandwiches from PRESS BUTTER SAND

  • Milk Pudding – Lemon from PRESS BUTTER SAND

  • Butter Ice Cream – Caramel from PRESS BUTTER SAND