First Graduation Thesis Contest in Kagoshima, open to applicants from all over Japan

PUBLISHED May 11, 2022

Administrative staff calling for submissions

The Nine States Local Partnership Board, headquartered in Kagoshima City, is currently holding the “Kyushu Graduation Thesis Contest that Makes You Want to Dance,” also known as “Odoron.”

The company promotes regional development projects such as the “Kyushu Migration Draft Conference.” It organized the contest to “discover young people who want to get involved and aspire for a career in Kyushu” and to create opportunities for them to connect with community development leaders, companies, and local governments in the region. It is the first contest of its kind to be held.

The contest is open to anyone who has graduated from a university, junior college, or technical college within the past five years and has written a graduation thesis on regional and city planning. Graduates from institutions in Kyushu are eligible as long as their dissertation is related to the chosen theme. For those outside Kyushu, the thesis must be on regional and city planning in Kyushu, or a paper recognized as connected to “Kyushu that makes you want to dance” is eligible. Graduates of architecture or art-related fields may submit a graduation design or work instead of a thesis.

The final judging and networking event is scheduled for June 25 in Kagoshima City, and the ten finalists of the contest will be invited.

The submission deadline is May 20. The first 100 applicants will receive an Amazon gift certificate worth 3,000 yen.