24-hour non-contact fitness club opens at Yojiro Frespo, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED May 12, 2022

Free weights area at FIT-EASY Frespo Jungle Park Branch

On May 8, FIT-EASY Frespo Jungle Park Branch, a 24-hour fitness club with a completely contactless system, opened in Yojiro, Kagoshima City.

FIT-EASY has 89 branches nationwide, and the Frespo Jungle Park branch is the second facility in Kagoshima Prefecture, following the Kokubu branch. The gym operates a “complete non-contact” gym with a face recognition and heat detection system.

The gym has a free weights area and a cardio area and is fully equipped with muscle training machines and aerobic machines. The FIT-AERO fitness studio, offering dance and yoga lessons, has a large screen and provides virtual lessons. It also has tanning facilities.

Members can use any chain’s branches across the country, monitor how crowded particular gyms are through “My Page” on the website, and track their fitness condition and training.

The initial membership fee is 5,500 yen. The monthly fee is 7,150 yen for a standard member with a monthly contract and 6,578 yen for a premium member with a discount on the condition to maintain the contract for one year. In celebration of the opening, the initial fee is waived for new members joining during May.

  • The gym area of FIT-EASY Frespo Jungle Park Branch

  • Fitness Studio of FIT-EASY Frespo Jungle Park Branch