Kagoshima Tenmonkan Machi-Zemi to offer 71 seminars, largest number to date

PUBLISHED May 17, 2022

Lecturers and staff members calling for participation

The 11th “Kagoshima Tenmonkan Machi-Zemi (District Seminars)” will begin on May 21.

The seminars are jointly-organized by the store owners and promotion association of the Tenmonkan shopping district. They offer small-group mini-lectures where store owners and their staff members serve as lecturers and share their “expert knowledge and professional tips.” The seminars are available twice a year (May-June and October-November). The number of lectures has increased each year, and this year’s event – 71 offered – will be the largest to date.

There are five themes: Beauty, Health, Creating, Learning, and Eating. The Beauty category includes self-esthetics and scalp massages that people can try at home, while the Health category offers lectures on strength training for preventing frailty, enzyme fasting, slimming techniques taught by a Chinese medicine specialist, and examining the distortion of the body. In the Creating category, participants can make accessories to attach to umbrellas, experience the art of container gardening, and learn to paint Satsuma porcelain. The Learning category offers lectures on asset management, sleep, and men’s styling. In the Eating category, people can learn about spices, how to make curry, salad dressing, and Korean cuisine.

Each session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, and some lectures are available online. Applications are taken at each store and will close as soon as they reach capacity. Free of charge.