Specialty product center Yae no Sato reopens in Kagoshima, holding Sunday events

PUBLISHED May 26, 2022

The center with newly renovated interior

Two months have passed since Yae no Sato, a local specialty product center in Koriyama, Kagoshima City, reopened after a renovation.

The interior underwent renovation while leaving the exterior unchanged. With wood grain as its main feature, the interior has been designed to create a calm and relaxing space while preserving the satoyama-like atmosphere. Log benches and parasols have been installed in the park next to the facility to provide shade for visitors.

In addition to the fresh produce and local product sales areas, the center has a restaurant that serves Satoyama Lunch. Manager Sumi recommends the Ponzu sauce made with Koriyama specialty kabosu (a type of citrus fruit) and Yaeyamazakura rice produced by Meiokan High School. The restaurant offers set menus (from 980 yen) using the rice.

There are also a stand offering Yae no Sato’s specialty hand-drip coffee and a bakery corner with bread and sandwiches from Bake Bread Works, a bakery in Usuki, where the An Butter Bagel (350 yen) is its exclusive product.

Every Sunday, the center holds an open-air lumber market where wood products from Dreamy Yamato, a lumber company located across the street, are sold at discount prices. They also create a space where visitors can pet rabbits and other small animals and hold events such as giant soap bubble making. On June 5, there will be a market featuring food trucks from all over the prefecture.

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

  • The exterior of Yae no Sato

  • The park area of Yae no Sato

  • Table seating

  • Giant soap bubble making