Instagram page Kagoshima Yokamon now available as photo book, tourism information included

PUBLISHED May 31, 2022

Photo book “Scenery of Kagoshima”

Takuya Noda, the owner of the Instagram page Kagoshima Yokamon, published a photo book “Scenery of Kagoshima (鹿児島の風景)” in May.

In 2015, Noda began photography as a hobby to convey the beauty of Kagoshima’s landscape, culture, and history. He launched a tourism blog and social media pages under the same name to showcase his photos and has been publishing “information on things to do in Kagoshima” for the past seven years. He currently has about 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Noda spoke about what he focused on in editing the book: “I wanted to draw people’s attention to the wonderful landscape and environment of my hometown, not only from the perspective of preserving nature but also from the perspective of the primary sector (agriculture, forestry, fisheries) and local shrines, which exist only because of the presence of human beings.”

Noda added 35 headlines to the main text, such as “Bonotsu Mimitori Pass & Cranes in Izumi” and “Kirishima City’s Kareigawa Station: In the Morning Mist, Spring” to highlight the scenic beauty of various regions and tourist spots in Kagoshima Prefecture. One to three photos are included under each heading, along with a commentary on the location, the time of year when the photo was taken, and a recommendation on what to do to enjoy it.

Noda says, “Ten or twenty years from now, some of these landscapes may no longer exist. I hope that this book will help people rediscover the beauty of our land.”

The book is available on the online publishing platform Publima ART, priced at 6,050 yen for the premium (semi-gloss paper) print edition, 4,620 yen for the standard (fine paper) edition, and 2,640 yen for the electronic edition. 52 pages, A4 size, full color.