Tea, cheesecake take-out store opens in Komatsubara, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Jun 7, 2022

Inside the store

Four months have passed since With, a take-out store specializing in tea and cheesecake, opened in Komatsubara, Kagoshima City.

Haruta, the owner, says, “I decided to open the store because of my love of tea.” The name of the store is based on the concept of “enjoying everyday life and sweets with tea.” The store is lined with teas in original packages.

Haruta imports tea leaves directly from India, and the lineup includes Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Dimbula, Assam, Red Apple, Tropical Flower, Fresh Muscat, and Nilgiri. They are available in tea bags (5 bags) and loose-leaf packets (30 grams).

The shop also offers a selection of freshly brewed tea, including Tea of the Day (500 yen), Honey Lemon Tea (550 yen), Caramel Milk Tea, and Royal Milk Tea (600 yen). The Choose Your Own Iced Milk Tea (550 yen) allows customers to smell the five different types of tea leaves first and choose.

All cheesecakes are homemade and available in three types: Baked, Basque, and No-Bake. The tasting set of three is 1,200 yen. The cheesecakes are sold frozen in the vacuum-sealed package. At the end of May, the store added two types of scones (Plain and With Tea) to the lineup.

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Since there is no parking space, customers who use the public parking lot nearby and make a purchase will receive 100 yen cash back. Closing days are announced on Instagram.

  • The exterior of With

  • Tea display shelves

  • Examples of tea packages

  • Cheesecake sold frozen in vacuum-sealed packages