Ramen restaurant Coelacanth opens in Kagoshima, focusing on domestic ingredients

PUBLISHED Jun 14, 2022

Soy Sauce Ramen

On May 11, ramen restaurant Coelacanth (椎良神水) opened in Ogawacho, Kagoshima City.

18-year-old Kotaro Kishira runs the restaurant. The business name uses Kanji characters for the Japanese-style phonetic sound of coelacanth, “shirakansu.” Each character has its own meaning: “椎 (Shi)” is for the shiitake mushrooms used in the soup stock and ingredients, “良 (Ra)” is part of Kishira’s surname, and “神水 (Kansu),” meaning water of the gods, comes from his commitment to the water used for his ramen. The restaurant has a counter with six seats.

The noodles are made with a blend of several kinds of domestic wheat flour, mainly Haruyutaka flour produced in Hokkaido. The soup is prepared with Kuro Satsuma chicken from Yabusame Farm in Ichikikushikino City, Kirishima Pure Kurobuta pork from Kirishima Royal Pork, shiitake mushrooms from Oita Prefecture, and sardines from Nagasaki Prefecture to “create a deep flavor.”

The ramen soup is available in Soy Sauce (950 yen), Salt (950 yen), Miso (1,100 yen), and Spicy Soy Sauce (1,100 yen) flavors, and cold Tsukemen (1,100 yen) with bonito and kombu broth is also available. Each ramen soup has a unique name coined by Kishira.

Kishira said: “What I offer is a new lineup of ramen that has not been seen in Kagoshima before. Enjoy the new experience.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p,m. Closing days are announced on the social media pages.

  • The exterior of Coelacanth

  • Inside Coelacanth

  • Mazesoba from Coelacanth