‘#Personification of Kagoshima Liquor Fan Art’ exhibition to open at Amu Plaza and Ishinkan

PUBLISHED Jun 15, 2022

Exhibited works: DAIYAME by Dan (left) and Bontan Ame Liqueur by Aliceke Mishima

The exhibition of artworks for the “#Personification of Kagoshima Liquor Fan Art” will be held at Amu Plaza Kagoshima for three days from June 17 to 19. This hashtag art project started at the call of Kagoshima illustrator Mamunemuko.

In April, Mamunemuko called for the visualization of the taste and image of Kagoshima’s alcoholic beverages in the form of human figures on her social media pages. On Twitter, she received over 15 submissions of works with the hashtag. Twelve of these works will be exhibited at the Mamunemuko’s section of the “ILAFES” art exhibition at the Amu Plaza.

The subjects of the works include shochu, gin, liqueur, and sake. Each artist chose a product to illustrate, such as Bontan Ame Liqueur from Hombo Shuzo by Aliceke Mishima, Brown Sugar Shochu Lento from Amami Oshima Kaiun Shuzo by Nozomi Koto, and Yuzu Liqueur from Iwagawa Jozo by Harui Kusunoki.

Dan, who chose DAIYAME, said that his father was “an exceptional shochu lover and collector,” so he had a stereotypical image of shochu as his father or a man in his age group. “A friend gave me a bottle of DAIYAME, which is shochu but has a lychee flavor, and it blew away my initial notion of what shochu should be,” he says. “I hope that my illustrations will trigger more people to discover the aroma of shochu and come to like it as I did,” he wrote in his exhibit.

Some illustrations will also be on display at the shochu specialty store Shochu Ishinkan on the first basement floor of the main Amu Plaza building. Original postcards will also be available at the exhibition. Mamunemuko says that she will continue to promote #Shogoshima Sake Anthropomorphic Fan Art.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (until 5:00 p.m. on the last day).

  • Illustration by Harui Kusunoki: Yuzu Liqueur from Iwagawa Jozo

  • Illustration by Minoru Shimizu: Shima Kanro from Takasaki Shuzo

  • Illustration by Harui Kusunoki: Satsuma Shima Bijin from Nagashima Kenjo