Kagoshima local specialty restaurant Kumasotei installs Satsuma cuisine vending machine

PUBLISHED Jun 21, 2022

Vending machine installed next to the main entrance

Kumasotei, a long-established local specialty restaurant in Kagoshima City, installed a vending machine for regional delicacies next to its main entrance on June 10.

The restaurant, founded in 1966, is known for its kaiseki-style course of authentic Satsuma cuisine, such as Kibinago (blue sprat) sashimi, Satsuma chicken sashimi, Satsuma-age, Tonkotsu (pork bone), and Sake Zushi (sushi made with sake). Shintaro Kurokawa, the managing director, says, “Since the pandemic broke out, we have been working to expand our services to include boxed lunches and hors d’oeuvres for takeout, mail order, and an e-commerce site.” Now, they have decided to install a vending machine to provide 24/7 access to their Satsuma cuisine.

The products include Braised Roppaku Black Pork (1,600 yen), Roppaku Black Pork Tonkotsu (1,600 yen), Stewed Kibinago (800 yen), Miso-Pickled Roppaku Black Pork (1,100 yen), and Vinegared Bitter Gourd (600 yen). The vending machine features illustrations modeled after the Okami (proprietress), Wakaokami (proprietress-to-be), and head chef to give it a friendly touch.

Kurokawa added: “The items available in the vending machines offer a wide variety of dishes, from appetizers to main courses. We hope people will enjoy the restaurant’s taste at home as well.”

  • Vending machine at Kumasotei with a selection of local cuisine