Rental spaces available for salon, nail art, fortune-telling, retail businesses in Hioki, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Jul 5, 2022

The exterior of the facility

Two months have passed since the rental space Scelta opened in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Kazuhiro Sekimo, a dance instructor, started the business. Sekimo launched a dance and gymnastics training business four years ago to venture out on his own. “But there were quite a few hurdles,” he said. He decided to open the facility primarily catering to people who run salons and hold events “to reduce the initial investment and other burdens faced by those who want to take on a new endeavor.”

The facility is equipped with three rooms: one with a treatment table for bodywork and massage businesses, another for nail salons and fortune-tellers, and another for hand-made item vendors. The name means “choice” in Italian, intended to encourage people to make good choices, “as many things are a series of choices in our daily lives.”

Although the standard fee for each room is 2,500 yen per hour, businesses that agree to a business partnership after consultation are offered one day of free room rental if there are no customers. Sekimo also offers other plans such as “Café Owner for a Day, “Restaurant Owner for the Night,” and “One-day Salon Business,” in which equipment is provided free of charge.

On the fourth Sunday of each month, Scelta holds an event. On July 24, a “Workshop Festival” is scheduled where visitors can try treatments at three of the booths, for a fee of 3,500 yen (including one drink). It is currently calling for participation by food trucks, jewelry vendors, and others.

Sekimo says, “I want to provide a place for people who are willing to try their best despite uncertainty, such as those who want to open a nail salon or bodywork business, those who want to try something on the side, or those who want to organize an event.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closed on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • Room with a treatment table at Scelta

  • Seating at Scelta

  • Terrace seating at Scelta