Kagoshima-based pet health care company launches new product for dogs with sensitive stomachs

PUBLISHED Jul 13, 2022

New Buddy FOOD product for dogs: Low Fat Chicken Care

Buddycare, a Kagoshima-based pet health care company, launched Low Fat Chicken Care, pet food for “dogs with sensitive tummies,” on July 4.

The company was established and incorporated on April 1, 2020, as a result of being selected as a finalist in the 2020 Kagoshima Prefecture Business Plan Contest. Its primary product line is Buddy FOOD, fresh dog food made with fresh ingredients, minimally processed, and frozen before being sold online. The brand new product Low Fat Chicken Care is a low-fat meal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

COO Seiji Nagai says: “Many dogs experience digestive problems. What is effective is to feed them low-fat food. However, many veterinarians and pet owners have been frustrated that the low-fat pet food currently on the market does not enhance the dogs’ appetite, and pets refuse to eat it because it lacks taste.” He also described another motivation behind the development of the product: “The majority of low-fat dog food is imported, and due to the recent pandemic and the weak yen, availability has become an issue, and the price has skyrocketed.”

Nagai added: “We are proud of our product, made with many ingredients from Kagoshima, such as chicken breasts and sweet potatoes. Dogs tend to suffer from summer fatigue during the hot season. We recommend this new product for dogs suffering from delicate digestive systems because of the weather.”

The price is 495 yen per package.