Sweet potato dessert store opens in Kagoshima’s Temmonkan, seasonal items available

PUBLISHED Jul 20, 2022

Reina Kawahara, pastry chef

On July 4, Oimo-Stand Koumitsudo, offering sweet potato desserts, opened in Temmonkan, Kagoshima City.

“Oimo” is the Japanese word for sweet potato, and the store uses Beniharuka variety produced in Ibusuki. Since the owner is from Yamakawacho, Ibusuki City, a joint venture with a sweet potato farmer in the same city was born. Reina Kawahara, the store’s pastry chef, plans and creates the products. Kawahara trained at a cake store in Fukuoka for five years and worked as a pâtissier at Shiroyama Hotel for one year. The store has an area of 30 square meters, equipped with two long sofa seats with tables and chairs and one table for two.

Takeout items include Koumitsu Jukusei Yakiimo (324 yen); Cheese Teriimo (from 378 yen per slice); Shionomitsu Daigaku (from 594 yen for a small potion); and Sakurajima Sweet Potato (183 yen). For dine-in customers, there are Oimo Set (800 yen), an assortment of three kinds of sweet potato desserts; Oimo Parfait (880 yen), and Drink Set, to name a few. The current recommended item is Imo Ice (800 yen), a shaved ice topped with sweet potato sauce and candied sweet potatoes.

Kawahara says: “I hope to make it a place where people can learn more about local products and enjoy them. We are looking forward to planning new menu items as well as events in the future.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

  • The exterior of Oimo-Stand Koumitsudo

  • Products lined up in Oimo-Stand Koumitsudo

  • Dine-in area of Oimo-Stand Koumitsudo

  • Summer-only Imo Ice from Oimo-Stand Koumitsudo

  • Oimo Parfait from Oimo-Stand Koumitsudo