Photo exhibition ‘Kaburimono Dog Manpei’ opens at Tenmonkan Library Gallery, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Jul 29, 2022

Manpei wearing headgear with the logo of Kagoshima “Magma City” next to Sakurajima daikon radish

On July 27, the “Kaburimono Dog Manpei Photo Exhibition” opened at the Tenmonkan Library Gallery on the fourth floor of the CenTerrace TENMONKAN.

The exhibition features photos of Tomohiro Kuroki’s beloved dog, Manpei, wearing local “kaburimono,” or headgear. In 2017, Kuroki began traveling to explore renovation works and coworking spaces in Japan to utilize them as references for local development and regional revitalization projects. At the same time, he also started the “Kaburimono Inu Manpei Nationwide Trip” to preserve some memories.

He has been photographing Manpei in his headgear and cosplay at sightseeing and scenic spots on his travels and posting photos on social media. Kuroki designed the headgear himself before the trip and had a tailor make it for him. During the photo shoots in various locations, people often surrounded Manpei, trying to capture him in photos and videos. Kuroki said, “Manpei is naturally curious and friendly, and loves to interact with people, making everyone smile.”

Kuroki is currently taking a break from traveling due to the pandemic but is busy uncovering the hidden gems of Kagoshima. The exhibition features photographic works focusing on their encounters with people at work in Kagoshima City, as well as the headgear that Manpei used on his travels.

Kuroki hopes that the photographs will make visitors smile and laugh.

The exhibition is open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (until 6:00 p.m. on the last day). Free admission.

  • Kaburimono Dog Manpei Photo Exhibition

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