NPO calls for support for private DV shelters in Kagoshima through CF

PUBLISHED Aug 1, 2022

Katsuhiko Tanigawa serving free coffee at Vacance in Meizancho

The Kagoshima-based NPO Renaisss Kagoshima is currently calling for support through crowdfunding (CF) to launch three private DV (domestic violence) shelters in Kagoshima Prefecture.

The NPO, founded in 2017 and headed by Katsuhiko Tanigawa, affectionately known as “Tanikatsu-san,” is engaged in activities to “think about the future with everyone who has difficulties in living.” It operates Hidamari Café and Free Coffee and provides counseling sessions for social withdrawal, active listening seminars, visiting consultations, learning support, and support for people in need and single parents, free of charge.

As they carried on their activities, they felt that there was a need for a place where people who cannot return home or have nowhere else to go due to domestic violence, abuse, or other domestic issues could spend a period of time until they feel safe and settled. Since “public facilities have strict requirements, such as only residents of the municipality can stay there,” the NPO aims to operate the shelters as a private facility where anyone can find a refuge immediately.

Three candidate sites have already become available, rented at “exceptionally low rents” from owners of vacant houses. The shelter in Hiyamizucho has been in operation since May with the NPO’s own funds and has begun responding to urgent needs, such as parents with children fleeing domestic violence.

The initial CF goal of one million yen was achieved in 100 hours. The next target is three million yen. The donations will cover the facility and shelter rents, utilities, supplies, and food for those who have fled without anything in their possession.

In addition to providing shelter, Tanigawa believes this project will serve as a measure against unoccupied houses. “Through this CF campaign, we hope to meet owners of vacant houses, willing to provide places for people in difficult circumstances,” he added.

Donations will be accepted on the crowdfunding platform READYFOR until September 11.