PLAY CITY! DAYS to take place in person this year, aiming to discover, promote Kagoshima City

PUBLISHED Aug 3, 2022

Kagoshima Mayor Takao Shimozuru and last year’s participants

PLAY CITY! DAYS, a four-month workshop to discover and promote the charms of Kagoshima City with fellow citizens, is now calling for 50 participants for this year.

This year marks the fourth PLAY CITY! DAYS. It is part of the City Promotion Project, which aims to “meet local people, learn about their opinions and issues, and enhance the attractions of the community” while working as a team on a specific project. This year, approximately 40 people from Kagoshima City and 10 from the metropolitan area are invited to participate. Following two consecutive years of holding the event online, this year’s event will be held in person at various locations.

In past years, teams have been formed by dividing Kagoshima City into several areas. This year, six areas for six teams are: Yoshida/Koriyama, Kiire, Matsumoto, Sakurajima, Downtown Kagoshima City, and the Metropolitan. Each team will have a project leader and work on “a project to discover, refine, and disseminate the city’s attractions.”

The project leaders include a “Kagostagrammer” promoting the charms of Kagoshima on social media, an editor of a local information magazine, and a high school teacher leading the “Kagoshima Revitalization Team.” Project content will be developed based on the leader’s ongoing activities through discussions with team members. Participants from the Tokyo metropolitan area will join the Metropolitan team to plan exchange events and tours of Kagoshima City under the theme of “Kagoshima City Fan Cultivation.”

Four workshops are scheduled for September 11 and 25, October 29, and December 18, and applicants must be able to attend all dates. Venues include coworking spaces and conference rooms in Kagoshima City (Tokyo for the Metropolitan team). The first round of applications will be open until August 14.

On August 7, the “PLAY CITY! DAYS Exposition” will open on the second floor of Yokado Kagoshima to introduce the past three years of workshop activities. At the venue, there will be an exhibition of city-walking maps used in the past and a music video screening. The staff and project leaders will be present on August 7 and 13 (11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.) to explain this year’s projects. It runs until August 21.