Drone school Sky Fight opens in Kagoshima, also offering combined programming courses for children

PUBLISHED Aug 8, 2022

The classroom

Two months have passed since the drone school Sky Fight Kagoshima opened in Uesonocho, Kagoshima City.

Tokyo-based drone venture Drone Net runs the school. The company operates nationwide, and the Kagoshima school is the first to open in the prefecture. Since programming has become compulsory education in elementary schools, the company offers “drogramming,” in which students acquire a programming mindset through a game-like experience while controlling a drone.

Gou Komorizono, a photographer, established the Kagoshima school, which focuses on the kids’ studio, to “show the wonders of drones, especially to the next generations [of children].” Komorizono also founded Drone Training School PhotoWorks Kagoshima in August 2019, where he has been teaching photography techniques using drones.

The classroom is approximately 66 square meters. It has a toy drone flight area, a PC-based simulator, and other facilities. The Drogramming Course is divided into four age groups, from 5 to 15 years old, with monthly fees ranging from 9,900 yen to 13,000 yen. A Commercial Operator Course for adults and corporations (16 years and older) is also available.

Komorizono said: “Many of the students are drone beginners. The classes are small, and instruction is tailored to the skills of each student. We want to offer lessons so that students can acquire flying skills safely during the course period. If students wish, we also teach DSLR photography techniques.”

Classes are held from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • The exterior of the drone school Sky Fight Kagoshima

  • Drone Training Studio of the drone school Sky Fight Kagoshima

  • Drones used for training at the drone school Sky Fight Kagoshima