Two Nico Donuts stores in Aira, Kagoshima, strengthen summer lineups

PUBLISHED Aug 10, 2022

The exterior of Nico Donuts Café Nanahoshi Aira

Two Nico Donuts stores opened in Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, in March and May are enhancing their summer lineups.

The construction company, Tahara, manages the stores. The company launched the Food and Beverage Division last year and has been promoting its “Nanahoshi” brand, which offers Nico Donuts originated in Oita Prefecture. Tahara opened the Tenmonkan store last December, Nico Donuts Café Nanahoshi Aira adjacent to the Aira Nanahoshi Nursery School, which is also managed by the company, in March this year, and Nico Donuts Chabo Nanahoshi AEON TOWN Aira in May.

The signature products are Oita-born Nico Donuts made with soybean paste. It offers more than ten varieties, including plain, chocolate, matcha milk, kinako milk, and honey lemon, priced from 170 to 350 yen. Limited time items are also available, and the Aira branches currently offer Parfait Peach, which is “full of peaches” with peach compote, jelly, and other peach ingredients. The Aira stores also offer Crushed Ice, made by crushing frozen fruit into soy paste ice cream, in six flavors, including strawberry and mango.

The AEON TOWN Aira outlet features donuts made with organic Kirishima Nanahoshi tea, matcha parfaits, and matcha lattes. In August, the store began serving shaved ice (from 300 yen) in four flavors, including matcha and honey lemon.

  • Inside Nico Donuts Café Nanahoshi Aira, lined with donuts

  • Inside Nico Donuts Café Nanahoshi Aira

  • Counter seating of Nico Donuts Café Nanahoshi Aira

  • Seasonal item “Parfait Peach” from Nico Donuts Café Nanahoshi Aira