Bakery Ippondo opens in Kagoshima, specializing in freshly baked milk bread

PUBLISHED Sep 1, 2022

The exterior of Ippondo Kagoshima Taniyama

One month has passed since the Kagoshima Taniyama branch of Ippondo, a bakery specializing in freshly baked milk bread, opened in Jigenji, Kagoshima City.

The Ippondo chain has 120 stores nationwide, and this is the first to open in Kagoshima. Hironori Sakiyama, the owner of Kagoshima Taniyama, had been running the Meguro Gakugei Daigaku branch in Meguro, Tokyo, for five years since February 2017. He decided to return to Kagoshima and open a branch in Taniyama as he wanted to offer Ippondo’s bread in his hometown.

Sakiyama says that he was an office worker before he opened the bakery. He was looking for a suitable business to start as he wanted to quit his job, then he came across Ippondo. “At the time (around 2016), milk bread specialty stores were not so common, but it is a daily staple food, and unlike side dishes and pastries, it is highly versatile and can be adapted into toast, sandwiches, and other various forms. I was convinced that even a single loaf of bread would provide ample business opportunities,” he recalls.

The bakery offers over ten varieties of milk bread, including regular items and daily specials. The regular items include Ippondo Milk Bread (330 yen per loaf), which is “crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside;” Hotel Milk Bread (420 yen), made with butter and fresh cream from Hokkaido; Raisin (440 yen), in which raisins are hand-rolled and woven into each loaf; and Cheese (540 yen).

Daily specials include low-sugar bread on Wednesdays and high-density bread on Thursdays. He notifies customers about days of availability and serving times at the store and on Instagram. In September, the store will launch Milk Bread made with milk and condensed milk and smaller-sized loaves with chocolate chips.

Sakiyama says: “This is a bakery offering bread as everyday food, not a luxury item. I hope each customer will find a loaf that suits their tastes. Please give it a try.”

Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (close when sold out). Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

  • Counter lined with loaves of milk bread

  • Inside Ippondo Kagoshima Taniyama

  • Spreads from Ippondo Kagoshima Taniyama